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    RIVELEC company manufactures and develops polymer compounds for high precision Dimensional Print Moulding.

    Headquartered near Montpellier in France, RIVELEC markets its technical products under the brand PLASTIFORM®, and provides for more than 35 years innovative and alternative solutions for metrology control, quality control and a whole host of other applications.


RIVELEC was created in 1972 by Christian ALPANDA. Specialised in industrial furniture, the company has grown steadily, offering quality services and products to its customers. Always attentive to meet the needs of its clients, the RIVELEC team detected that most of the customers had a recurring difficulty during their quality controls : measuring internal dimensions of mecanical parts. Many of these companies (especially Aeronautic and Spatial ones) had to destroy parts to control internal features. 

In the early 1980s, RIVELEC developed a breakthrough technology : Dimensional Print Moulding, and invented a polymer with unique technical features : the PLASTIFORM®. Thanks to its high accuracy (due to the absence of shrinkage during polymerisation), this compound enables the creation of micron (µm) accuracy impressions, avoiding many Destructive Testing. 
The excellent results and the success of PLASTIFORM® have pushed RIVELEC to develop new products to meet the specific needs of different applications : impressions of complex forms, impressions of external forms, impressions of large volume etc...

In 2002, Fabrice ALPANDA becomes the Managing Director, and boosts the business growth of PLASTIFORM® by starting the international development. 

PLASTIFORM® products are now a benchmark in the most demanding fields, including :

Aeronautic, Aerospace, Watch industry, Cosmetic, Automotive, Formula 1, Energy, Precision Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries and many other high-technology areas...


- Do you have difficulties controlling hard-to-access surfaces ? 
Take an impression with PLASTIFORM®

- Do you destroy parts to control internal dimensions ?
PLASTIFORM® avoid destructive control.

- The part you need to control is too large, too heavy, or too fragile to be handled ? 
Take an impression on your part, and measure it in your metrology lab.

- Do you dismantle assembled machines to control some components? 
With PLASTIFORM®, no need to disassemble. Take an impression directly on the part. 

- Do you need to protect some areas of a part before a surface treatment ?
Create your own custom-made caps or seals with PLASTIFORM®. It will effectively protect the surfaces.