Description OF THE Application

Some rigid products in the PLASTIFORM® range can be used for Indirect Roughness Control Ra.
When the surface Ra is ≥ 0,4 µm, the roughness can be measured directly on the cast using a surface meter, and the result is faithful to the original.
For a lower roughness, other inspection methods can be used, including laser metrology and interferometry.

Roughness Control Ra :
- Clean the surface with a powerful degreaser, to remove oil and grease, and ensure an optimal precision.
- Apply the P80 Ra and rub with the Nozzle, to ensure a good contact between the product and the surface
- After 6 to 8 minutes, you can remove the impression
- But you must wait 20 to 30 minutes before mesuring the roughness. It allows the impression to reach its final hardness (80 Shore A)

Impossible to reach features are no longer a problem, thanks to PLASTIFORM® impressions.