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Metrology casting solutions

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RIVELEC was founded in 1972 by Christian ALPANDA; the company specialises in designing and developing products for making impressions in order to check part dimensions and characteristics.

Because customer satisfaction is a priority for us, we continually seek to improve our products and address the problems you encounter. With this in mind, we have developed the PLASTIFORM range. This range of products allows you to carry out precise industrial measurements on your mechanical parts. Using these products will enable you to calculate the internal and external measurements of your mechanical parts to the nearest micron.

Thanks to continuous improvement and the reliability and precision of our products, we have established ourselves a leader in many highly-demanding fields, such as: the aerospace, automotive, precision engineering and energy industries, etc.

metrology casting solutions

Metrology Casting Solutions: how to use and apply the product

The RIVELEC noticed that most of its customers had a major problem in their quality control process. They had difficulties in measuring the internal and external dimensions of their mechanical parts. The PLASTIFORM range was developed at the beginning of the 1980s in response to this problem. Using our range of products will allow you to carry out reliable, accurate measurements of simple or complex surface and shapes. You can therefore obtain accurate measurements of the characteristics of your mechanical parts. For example, you can learn more about the roughness and thickness of your mechanical parts. In addition, PLASTIFORM can be used on every type of surface. Our products have been designed for use on difficult, large or fragile surfaces.

PLASTIFORM products are simple to apply and use and will meet all your expectations. You can see how the products are applied in the videos on our website.



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