High precision replicating material


High precision replicating material

RIVELEC, High precision replicating material

Since 1972, RIVELEC has been providing a range of services and products that meet its customers’ needs. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we decided to develop the PLASTIFORM range, which provides solutions to problems encountered in industrial quality control and metrology processes. The product range comprises cartridges, putties and rigid impression materials.

The results obtained with our range of high precision replicating material have established the company as a leader in the watch-making, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. This is because our products are easy to use, reliable and extremely precise.

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Mechanical parts and high precision replicating material

RIVELEC noted that its customers often encountered problems during quality control processes. In order to measure the dimensions of parts, industrial companies need to disassemble or destroy mechanical parts. To solve this problem during quality control operations, we developed a revolutionary technology for making impressions of simple or complex mechanical parts. Thanks to our products, you can accurately measure all the features of your parts. All our products enable you to obtain information about the roughness, thickness and dimensions of your mechanical parts.

RIVELEC products are highly versatile and can be applied on many different surfaces. Fragile and bulky parts, which used to be difficult to check, can now be verified quickly and easily with our PLASTIFORM products.

PLASTIFORM products are not only easy to use and versatile, they are also environmentally friendly Our environmentally-friendly products meet all requisite standards and help protect the environment.

If you are interested in the PLASTIFORM range, you can watch the video presentations on our website in order to see a demonstration of our high precision replicating material.

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